Neo4J Manager

Neo4J Manager is a standalone solution, that integrates with your Neo4J graph databases. Neo4J Manager gives you a new way to visualize your data, as graphs and exportable tables. It allows you to create a permission model to restrain access to specific data (nodes and relations) by user group.

Neo4J Manager is usable in all use cases of  Neo4J: CMDB, Asset Management, Fraud detection, social networks, social recommendations based for retail websites

Neo4J Graph view

Neo4J Manager gives you additional visualisation modes, as graphs colored by node type, and exportable tables.

Custom & exportable view

Create your own views, shared with specific  user groups, and containing customized data of your choice (nodes and relations). Export the result tables if you need to reuse these in other tools.

Consolidated view

The interface allows you to see the data from all your graph databases at once, and to create dashboards shared with specific users, allowing you to control who sees which data.