Ovyka add-ons for Atlassian solutions

Ovyka develops its own add-ons for Atlassian products, answering real world needs identified by analysing our customers feedback and questions.. You will find all our add-ons on Atlassian Marketplace, or on Ovyka’s Solutions Hub.

Ovyka BI Indexer : ElasticSearch for Jira

Index all Jira data and history of changes for your Business Intelligence,
and other advanced reports needs.

Use any ElasticSearch enabled tool to display data

You can use any BI tool working with ElasticSearch (like Kibana) to visualize and get insight on your data

Indexes your Jira data into ElasticSearch

Indexes issues, comments, users and change history into your ElasticSearch cluster. You can now make complex BI search on your data in ElasticSearch.

Connects Jira to ElasticSearch, even in a secure cluster

Connect your Jira instance to your ElasticSearch cluster, even if it’s secured by SearchGuard.

With BI Indexer – ElasticSearch for Jira, you can index all your data and history of changes on tickets to ElasticSearch (open source search engine & reporting solution).

  • allows you to build from simple to highly complex reports
  • ultra high performance – best practice integration with a 3rd party open source solution, avoiding a BI plugin in JIRA which would cause many performance issues. Never crash your JIRA again for reporting needs
  • You can filter the contexts and custom fields you wish to index, or select everything
  • Coupled with Kibana (open source solution from Elastic), it will help you create high value custom dashboards for free
  • more features to come – feel free to contact Ovyka with your needs and suggestions
  • You can also contact Ovyka for all your custom needs, we’ve integrated very valuable custom BI dashboards already