Our Atlassian Expertise

Ovyka is an official Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner (Atlassian Expert) since 2009, and has specific and long recognized skills on Atlassian solutions. Combined with our general collaborative tools experience (wikis, social networks, CMS, Knowledge Management) and our integration in the Information systems of the largest groups in Europe, we offer you a very complete set of services and solutions.

For any licences or services requests :

Atlassian Expert Services


Collaborative solutions portfolio assembly

Ovyka helps you to assemble your collaborative solutions portfolio (asyncrhonous, synchronous, peer to peer, multipoint, user / content centric…)

Integration project direction

We help you drive your Atlassian integration projects, to different scales (proof of concept, tactical project, or global deployment).

Stacks DevOps and ITSM stacks

We can assist you in the deployment of a DevOps or ITSM solutions stack (workflows and ITIL process).

Integration of new needs and Knowledge Management

We help you determine the best way to integrate new needs in your existing solution (adding new Knowledge Management functions, documents management (GED), private spaces, …).

Your solution terms of use definition

We assist you in the definition of the terms of use of your collaborative solutions, based on CNIL rules and your HR constraints (specifically international).

Services Expert Atlassian


We train your administrators, your users, and we train you to community management (for collaborative spaces managers, knowledge managers, …)


We manage the complete integration of your solution : from the pilot to the full enterprise solution.

Licenses purchase and renewals

Ovyka is an official reseller of Atlassian solutions – optimise your purchases thanks to french bills in euros, grouped if needed, and at the best price). Ovyka allows payment by bank transfer or Paypal for Atlassian licences.

Support and maintenance

Ovyka can efficiently handle (remotely via Jira) all your production incidents, and manages for you the relation with editors (Atlassian and addons editors).

Migration and version upgrade

Trust our experience for the migration of your instances, or for sometimes complex upgrades of your Atlassian solutions.


We take care of your hosting, specifically if you are looking for an SaaS (Software as a Service) offer – public or private (connected through VPN to your enterprise network).


We can adapt Atlassian tools to your needs, through plugins dedicated to your integration (LDAP, directory, or content page formatting.

Performance audits

Your pages are taking too long to display ? This is most of the time due to a bad quality customization of the solution (home page, theme builder, complex dashboard, …) or to a wrong technical infrastructure. We can help you identify and fix the performance « bottlenecks » of your solution.

Security audits

We can help you identify your integration weak points, provide you with advices on secure integration best practices, and efficiently fix any detected anomaly.