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Ovyka Satisfaction for JIRA

Discover how to optimize your service levels continuously for adapted customer feedback


With Ovyka Satisfaction for JIRA, discover how to optimize your service levels continuously from adapted customer feedback. .

  • Define your own questions to measure customer satisfaction on various metrics.
  • Discover the root causes of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction,
  • Based on the metrics, you can optimize your JIRA Service desk requests, your knowledge base coverage and quality,
  • Measure the evolution of satisfaction after configuration changes, to ensure they have a positive impact on customers.

Ovyka is also here to help you optimize your service levels with best practices. Feel free to contact Ovyka for advice and support.

  • Iterative methodology to find key performance indicators (KPI) with Ovyka Satisfaction for JIRA
  • Expert best practices & methods to optimize your service levels, through proper usage of JIRA and JIRA Service Desk

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